West End Congregational


West End Congregational Church is a small open minded church which has been part of the life of Kirkcaldy since 1800. Sunday worship reflects the ethos of our liberal tradition of faith, where, in taking the bible seriously, but not literally, we explore how people can live with integrity and faith in today’s world.


Though we are traditional in our form of worship, we are progressive in our theology, and seek to be open and inclusive in our church life. This means we do not insist on conformity, and encourage an enquiring and searching approach to faith. We reach beyond the walls of the traditional church through members and friends who express their faith in service to others and by working with others to achieve a just and peaceful world.


Worship takes place each Sunday, normally lasting for about an hour, and a play area is available for younger children when required.


We normally follow the readings of the Narrative Lectionary, and mark the seasons of the Christian Year (Advent, Christmas and Epiphany; Lent, Holy Week and Easter; Pentecost). There are often special services and additional times of worship during those seasons. Communion is observed as part of our worship, normally on the first Sundays of January, March, May, July September and November. There are additional communion services at Easter and Christmas. We hold firmly to the belief that the communion table is open to all who are seeking deeper fellowship with Christ and his people and a deeper understanding of faith. Communion is available to adults and children.