Kirkcaldy Congregational Church

Kirkcaldy Congregational Church is a church in transition.


Following discussions between the two Congregational Churches in Kirkcaldy (Pathhead and West End) the decision was taken to form a new church, and to bring the two existing churches to a close.

It was agreed that the new church will use the former West End building in Kirkcaldy High Street for its activities, and that the Pathhead building be sold. The sale took place in October 2017, and just before this on 17th September, a very moving final service took place in the Pathhead building.

On 24th September 2017 the two congregations came together to form a new congregation, and they now operate as a single Church. A process has to be followed to set the new church up in law, following which the affairs of the existing churches will be wound up, and assets transferred to the new church. This process has begun with the guidance of the Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator. It is anticipated that the first stage of a three stage process will be completed by 31st August 2018, from which point Kirkcaldy Congregational Church will legally exist!


A key focus at the present time is the refurbishment of the building, utilising the funds raised by the sale of the Pathhead building to upgrade the West End building to create a more accessible and flexible building for the future. We are currently working with Tod Taylor Architects to develop our plans.

The church meets on Sunday mornings at 10.30am, for its main act of worship. Our style of our worship is traditional in some respects, but we are innovating with the use of technology, and a more relaxed approach. The content of our worship reflects our progressive theology and we are seeking to be increasingly inclusive in our use of language. We seek to challenge traditional interpretations of the Bible by engaging in honest exploration of what it may mean for people today.